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Over 100 years ago, Andrew Duda left all that he knew in his native land of Slovakia to pursue his dream of religious freedom and land ownership in America. When he arrived to the United States, he quickly made his home in Oviedo, Florida.

Today our company’s culture and roots run deep in our home town.  Our business is still headquartered in Oviedo and it is here where we take great pride in the development of the community that Andrew Duda helped to foster so many years ago.

Each year, Duda Farm Fresh Foods presents the Taste of Oviedo Citrus & Celery Cook-off along with The Oviedo Preservation Project. Contestants from around the state and country visit Oviedo each year in April to partake in a pot luck type friendly competition, where every dish contains either citrus or celery.

Volunteer judges from the Oviedo community have the honor of tasting the cook-off entries to determine the winners in each category.

Celery Tabouli Orange Strawberry Surprise Chapman Smoked Salmon Spread Citrus-Infused Jambalaya Orange Shaker Cheesecake