Duda Farm Fresh Foods
Duda Farm Fresh Foods
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Duda Farm Fresh Foods not only employs hard working individuals who take pride in their work, we also employ fresh produce industry experts who take their life's work very seriously. Providing our customers and consumers with the freshest, best tasting products is our goal. Listed below are the team members who lead the effort:
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dan Duda Dan Duda
President, Chief Operating Officer
Duda Farm Fresh Foods Management
Rick Alcocer Rick Alcocer
Senior Vice President, Fresh Sales
Mark Bassetti Mark Bassetti
Senior Vice President, Customer Development
Sammy Duda Sammy Duda
Vice President,
Western Vegetable Operations
Dean Diefenthaler Dean Diefenthaler
Vice President, Operations
Alberto Cuellar Alberto Cuellar
Director, Global Business Development
John Castro John Castro, Director, Category Development and Research
Nichole Towell Nichole Towell
Director of Marketing
Dr. Vicki Pierce Dr. Vicki Pierce
Manager of Seed Research
Dr. Larry Pierce Dr. Larry Pierce
Manager of Seed Research
missing headshot Stephen Stoner
Controller, Agricultural Operations
Amy Duda-Kinder Amy Duda-Kinder
Senior Director of Food Safety & Consumer Affairs