The Family. The Celery.
The Legacy.

Six Generations of American Family Farming

and the crop that started it all.

Our family is so passionate about growing fresh fruits and vegetables that we've been doing it for nearly 100 years! It all started with a man named Andrew Duda who had just 40 acres of farm land and his sights set on the American Dream. Now, six generations later, the Duda family continues this legacy by bringing our farm fresh products featuring the Dandy® brand to a restaurant or grocery store near you and ultimately, your kitchen table. Between our responsible farming practices and our grab-and-go products developed with busy lifestyles in mind, you can trust that Dandy® products are grown, harvested and shipped with quality and care – from our family to yours!

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So why are we so passionate about celery?

Celery is a 100% usable product, so that means less waste!

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"Dad said that the only crop we should raise was celery because we could ship it. Beans, you pick the fruit and throw away the bushes. He said if you sell your shipment, sell it all. So he started raising celery."

– Andy Duda

Duda's Legacy Begins

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Andrew Duda took his first cart of celery to market.

Andrew Duda in celery field
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Duda officially launched the Dandy® brand.

Dandy Products
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Duda acquires citrus groves and begins to grow the state's famous oranges and grapefruits.

citrus trees
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Duda expands their fields beyond Florida and even the United States and begins to offer celery, citrus, radishes, sweet corn, lettuce and more.

Family farming
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Duda opens doors to a new state-of-the-art facility to cut our fresh-cut celery products in Oxnard, CA. This facility allowed us to maximize production and meet the most updated food safety requirements and provide you with the convenient, freshly cut celery products you love today!

fresh-cut celery facility
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We started our Facebook page in November 2009.

Facebook page
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Crunchetta is preparing for the upcoming mascot race to support Ag Against Hunger.

celery and orange mascots
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We donated a salad bar to Oviedo High School along with the United Fresh Produce Association, Let's Move and Florida Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam and the kids were thrilled to receive healthy, fresh produce.

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Partnered with the Biggest Loser and with Sony Pictures Animation Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2 to help support Feeding America.

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We hosted our very first National Ants on a Log Day!

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Duda Farm Fresh Foods celebrates 90 years of providing you with healthy, fresh produce!

Duda 90 years
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The Dandy® brand continues to offer valuable solutions by introducing Celery Snack Cups for delicious on-the-go health and convenience.

celery snack cups
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Duda becomes a proud sponsor of the Giant's Garden in the AT&T Ballpark in San Francisco, giving us the opportunity to educate children about the joy of farming.

children looking at the Giant's Garden
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The Future

We have more generations of innovation coming your way!

Did you know? Nearly 33% of the celery consumed in the U.S. is grown by the Duda Farm Fresh Foods family of growers.

Six Generations + Numerous Innovations = Unmatched Celery Leadership

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