California Consumer Privacy Act

California residents have the right to designate an authorized person or corporate entity1 to exercise rights granted to them under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"). To make this designation, California residents may complete and submit this form to Duda Farm Fresh Foods.

If Duda Farm Fresh Foods is unable to verify the identity of the person submitting this form, we may request additional information from the person making the submission. Authorized agents that have been provided a power of attorney from a consumer may submit requests directly on behalf of that consumer so long as proof of such power is submitted along with the consumer request form.

Asterisks indicate required fields.*

Consumer's Information

1 If designating an entity to act on your behalf, Duda Farm Fresh Foods requires that such entity be registered with the California Secretary of State. Duda Farm Fresh Foods will not provide information to unregistered agents.

2 Duda Farm Fresh Foods does not currently sell any personal information belonging to consumers and, therefore, does not permit and will not respond to requests to opt-out at this time.